The biggest esports investments of 2020 – Dexerto

The biggest esports investments of 2020 – Dexerto

Esports has an outside reputation of being one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and this narrative only became more prominent in 2020. One of the only robust sectors of entertainment in the face of a global health situation, competitive gaming was broadcast on many of the biggest networks in the world.

Despite this belief, the industry is still in need of vast development. The companies that comprise esports — especially the organizations that house teams — are almost unanimously operating at a loss. With the promise of the industry becoming mainstream (and profitable for many) yet to be realized, companies are having to raise millions of dollars just to stay afloat.

The past few years have seen a trend emerge with venture capitalists investing eye-watering amounts into companies with hopes of seeing a significant return in a few years. While esports had a good year in some aspects, 2020 still had some negative impact on it and investment slowed down towards the end of the year.

We thought it would be worthwhile to bring together the biggest esports investments of 2020 as we head into a new year filled with uncertainty surrounding live events. It’s good to keep track of the money coming into the industry as a means of seeing how much faith investors have in its future.

The biggest esports investments of 2020