PUBG Owner Makes Significant Investment Into Indian Esports Market – EsportsBets

PUBG Owner Makes Significant Investment Into Indian Esports Market – EsportsBets

The developer of Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile version, Krafton, has invested around $22.4 million into the Indian esports and gaming company Nodwin Gaming according to reports earlier this month.

The South Korean based developer has reportedly invested the cash to “keep some presence on [SIC] what once was his major overseason market.”

Krafton are the owners of PUBG and its mobile version PUBG Mobile, the latter of which was the most popularly played esports title in India.

In addition, Changhan Kim, the Chief Executive Officer of Krafton has hinted that this may well be just the first of a tranche of investments in the region with his company keen to explore additional investment opportunities within the Indian region.

The financial boost is good news for Indian esports firm Nodwin Gaming, who has already teamed up with Krafton to promote two big PUBG mobile events taking place across Asia.

This comes after the Indian government moved to ban PUBG in Indian last year, alongside over 100 other Chinese based games and apps, due to what were termed at the time as being ‘in the interests of national security.”

Why Is Krafton So Invested In The Indian Market?

It is not unusual for companies to invest in one another, especially when there can be mutually beneficial outcomes for both and this certainly seems to be one of the motivating factors for Krafton investing a significant sum in Nodwin Gaming.

For Krafton, after the Indian government’s ban on PUBG, they saw a significant