How To Invest In Esports: The Perfect Guide – ESTNN Esports

How To Invest In Esports: The Perfect Guide – ESTNN Esports

People around the world are constantly finding new modes of entertainment, and esports is a budding industry that is steadily increasing in popularity and is quickly taking over the world.

While traditional athletic sports remain a favorite pastime for sports fans around the world, the world of esports is catching up and is garnering the attention of millions of people from all demographics.

How to invest in esports: perfect guide

Basically, esports can be seen as some sort of expansion, or an alter ego, of the sports world. The main difference is that sports are popular for being showcases of superhuman talent and athleticism of professional athletes, while esports provide entertainment through the immense gaming skills of pro gamers, but both industries are similar in that fans support their favorite teams and that the most popular teams and players garner attention by being the best at what they do.

The case for esports as a genuine industry and not just a niche market for young gamers has already been made. Statistics show that in 2020, esports had an audience of 495 million people all over the world. It’s also predicted that the esports industry will be worth 1.5 billion dollars by 2023.

How Is Money Made in Esports?

Esports has proven that it is a highly lucrative industry. It provides livelihoods for people in the industry, from the players, to the game developers, streaming services, and