Esports Live Streaming Effect on Ad Revenue – InvenGlobal

Esports Live Streaming Effect on Ad Revenue – InvenGlobal

Video games as a competitive sport, or esports, are in the midst of a global explosion. With people stuck at home due to the pandemic, the consumption of online media has increased massively. This drives an entire industry that helps support the sport, involving not only video game console sales, computer and peripheral sales, brand sponsorship, media coverage, and niche outlets, and of course marketing. 

The marketing and ad revenue is just starting to bloom, and it is the perfect time to get in on the incredible growth. There are estimates that the viewership for 2021 esports will approach 27 million individuals, and the corresponding ad revenue will top $100 million. Some pessimists will argue that the numbers for the pandemic period are skewed by being inflated beyond normal expectations, and thus will recede a bit in the near future. The gaming industry, however, has plans to maintain its upward trajectory.

The Benefits Of Streaming Esports

Streaming is vital to the overall success of the esports industry. When a live streaming platform allows players to broadcast or televise their events to live viewers, it provides one of the most effective methods of showcasing the industry to outsiders. Many of these outsiders are affiliated with potential ad-buying entities, whether they are part of the gaming industry or merely adjacent.

When the initial platforms like YouTube and Twitch took off and began to grow the seeds of competitive gaming, it also began the groundwork for esports streaming